Guaranteed Instagram Mergers

Hello all!

I am offering a service that, as far as I’m aware, has only been rumoured to occur in the community, and only in some rare cases have actually been successfully performed. I am offering a secure and reliable solution to this problem, offering risk free Instagram mergers!

Now, this service does require certain criteria to be met, so let’s go through this so you understand exactly what is required to perform a successful Instagram merger.

The Criteria:

  • There must be a legitimate reason for merging your accounts together and Instagram are specific on what they deem ‘legitimate’ reasons.

These reasons do include:

  1. Merging similar brand accounts that are representing different geographic locations.
  2. Merging similar brand accounts that are duplicates.
  3. Merging different brand accounts that are undergoing a rebrand.
  4. Merging personal accounts with a public figure account (essentially a duplicate).

For example, if you have a personal profile called @nightduck and public figure account called @nightduckCEO, this is perfectly fine!

Another example, if you have a brand called @DucksOfTheNight and a second account called @DucksOfTheNightUSA, this is also perfectly fine!

Also, a final example, and this is also the example that happens most of the time when we merge… if you have a brand account called @DucksOfTheNight but also you’ve bought/grown an account that you want to merge into your brand account as it has followers that are valuable to your brand… maybe it’s called @CuteQuackers. Then simply change the username to something as similar as can be to your brand name and ensure you’ve spent at least 5 days filling that account with content that is also on your brand account. This will then be fine!

Reasons Instagram will NOT merge:

  1. No similarities between accounts.
  2. Clear fake followers on one or both of the accounts.
  3. Merging accounts that relate to unsafe/not allowed topics. e.g. Drugs, Smoking (with the exception of CBD oils/vape), Porn, Violence, Drugs.

Eligibility Check : I’m willing to check the eligibility of your accounts, should you believe you meet the criteria, from my personal perspective as I would with all IRL clients the feasibility of the merge for your accounts. This service is for no charge.

Pricing: $5k flat rate, this will not change if you’re merging 5m+ followers! The fee is fixed. There’s a 100% guaranteed refund if for some reason you get rejected and we can reapply for the merger in 30 days.

Duration: Once I have submitted the merger request, a response from Facebook (as that is the team who handles the request), usually takes 3-5 business days. Once the merger is approved, the merger can take up to 48 hours to complete, but from my experience is usually done within 6 hours.

Success Rate: Outside of Swapd I have a 100% success rate, however due to this being a new service here, I am happy offering the first 2 mergers on this thread without any pre-payment, providing you’re either a VIP member, have an established presence here or a SWAPD member of staff can vouch for you. Only once the merger has gone through will you be required to pay the $5k fee.

Okay, if you’re looking to merge and grow FAST! Drop me a message!


What information do you need?

All the information is listed below

How does this even work? Like how can you put a page into a page? I’ve literally always thought about this so sick. So if I have a personal photography page and want to get followers from another page I own with similar demographics then you can put all those followers to my personal?

In essence, yes! What happens is, once approved, instagram will migrate all of the followers from your ‘merging account’ to your ‘main account’. The flip side being, the ‘merging account’ will be deleted along with its content during the merging process.

It’s been done previously on Facebook as early as 2009-2010 with fanpages that had no similarity at all with each other.

Instagram is new though, hope the services goes well!


Yes, Facebook merges are not new and are open to all Facebook page admins, however Instagram merges, as far as I’m aware, are not publicly available - thanks! Let me know if you’re ever in need of a merger! :slight_smile:

That’s so cool never knew you could do that! Obviously need to know someone from ig?

I got fb pages that I’d love to merge but can it be done yourself?

Yes, you need a contact at Facebook to be able to submit the request. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. If you’re trying to merge Facebook pages, this is available to everyone and is in your Page Settings. The criteria for Facebook Page merges aren’t so strict, and so you should be okay there with merging!

It’s only Instagram that is strict and not publicly available.

Sounds interesting.

Do both accounts need to have the original email?

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Great question. Also how does the merge affect overall engagement?

Is there previous work of yours that we can see for ourselves?


It’s not mentioned in the thread, but he requires the password to both accounts to initiate the merge.

Lol if he requires the password then this is a scam as we’ve completed several merges and they never ask you for a password. @Swapd

I’ve also done merges in the past and never heard of them needing the password, maybe the username and email.


I’ve done a few merges with the FB/IG team in the past and they have never asked for a password

You do NOT need to provide passwords!

All the information I need is listed here:

You do not require OG emails for each account, only the emails currently associated with each account.

I would be happy to provide case studies over PM due to the nature of the client.


Hey, can assure it’s not a scam. I would like to mention to everyone that if you would like to see a case study please PM me and I can provide for you.