[GUIDE] Things buyers must know before trying FB/IG verification

There is no secret saying that IG/FB verification is one of the most requested/desired services out here. However, there is a big gap of knowledge that many buyers (including me) constantly repeat and ask the sellers.

The idea of this post is to summarize for BUYERS the requirements, average costs, and expectations so that you SELLERS don’t have to repeat the same things over and over.

(Please feel free to add comments/quotes on items that must be included or fixed here)

First and foremost, let’s take out of the way some of the common misconceptions about verifications.

Buyers Question: Do I need a minimum amount of followers?
Sellers Answers: No, neither IG nor FB requires a minimum amount of followers for verification

Buyers Question: Do I need a minimum amount of posts?
Sellers Answers: Yes, you must have at least one post

Buyers Question: What Do I need to get verified?
Sellers Answers:

  • Most importantly, you need to have enough PR (public relationships*) from premium publications (more details of this below).
  • Must have an account
  • Must link your FB with your IG
  • Must have at least one post

Buyers Question: What method do you use for verification?
Sellers Answers: There are several methods, however, the most effective one is via “Media Portals”, which is an special access some media agencies have to submit verifications.

Buyers Question: Why do I need to verify FB if I only want IG?
Sellers Answers: Although this is not a requirement, in most cases, it is much easier to verify IG if you are already verified on FB. The cost is higher but the chances to be approved are way higher as well.

Buyers Question: How much PR do I need?
Sellers Answers:

  1. FB: At least 5 articles of premium publications featuring YOU in the title with a picture included
  2. IG: At least 10 articles of premium publications featuring YOU in the title with a picture included

Buyers Question: What are considered premium publications valid for verification? (I need help on this one)
Sellers Answers:

Valid Publications:

Anything organic or unbiased content from recognized outlets!

Not Valid:

Indian Press
Anything that looks like paid, non-organic or biased content!

Buyers Question: How long does it take to get verified?
Sellers Answers:

If you don’t have any PR, it usually takes about 14-35 days to build all the PR articles
If you have valid PR, it usually takes less than 24h to get verified via Media Portal

Buyers Question: How much is it going to cost me?
Sellers Answers:

Without PR: It depends on the number of articles and branding needed to position your name/brand but usually from 2k USD to 15k USD

With PR: FB ~ 1-2.5k USD and IG ~2-4k USD (each seller has its own pricing with different benefits, for example, some offer lifetime guaranteed. The most cost-effective options are usually from new sellers that create incentive pricing to get recognition from the forum)

Version Edits:

V1. Dec-24 - Created the first draft.
V1.5 Dec-25 - Fixed Terminology and added clarifications around valid PR


Nice information will help many newbies, this is the question people mostly ask.

Feel free to correct or add anything! currently missing valid and invalid PR

Don’t think you have to list every valid or invalid publications. Since the most important thing is to make the PR look organic. you could just note some free publications like medium/thrive and Indian sites won’t work.
also, press releases are not considered for verification, they’re more like ads. you need to have full features and not press releases :slight_smile:

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thanks! will update the terminology

Thanks for the useful guide. I still have some questions about PR. I have lots of clients who want IG verification, they are well-known businessmen, actors, singers, tv program hosts or even big businesses. My country is a small Asian country.
My questions:
Do my clients need English premium PR? Some of them already got PR from local news, media websites. Some of them have English PR but not from big media websites.
Does Instagram care about English PR when the applicant isn’t from English speaking country?

PS: If somebody can help me with that verification, I have lots of clients who want that. I can bring at least 10-15 people for that service.


will need people with access to media portal to help us with this.

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I messaged some of the sellers here, and they ask me PR articles. If I say I have PR, they want article links, if no they offer PR service.
But they don’t care about my questions. If non English PR works for verification, I have lots of clients. If not, the PR is very expensive for small Asian country. PR+Verification will cost ~$8K here.

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this is part of the reason why I created this, so sellers can clear things up. They get a ton of DMs of which most of them are dead deals because of the lack of education from people.

What you mentioned is very interesting, I would guess that it depends of the country but for sure a verified account in Japan can’t have most of the PR in English. I assume that valid top tier publications from the specific country should work.

I think they submit the articles links on the media portal and since they don’t know the publications are a bit concern of the quality.

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yeah this is very helpful. I came to create new discussion on this topic, and found out yours.
I hope more people will join here, and clarify some more things for us.

Btw, happy coming new year !

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