Has anyone lost access to their Instant Articles due to change in Monetization standards?

Well, outta nowhere after a good 5 months of using Instant Articles making around $700-$1000 per month on that particular app, I see that I have lost my access to Instant Articles all of a sudden. I go ahead and appeal this decision to Facebook and they say that I’m eligible for monetization (Pretty weird) but I still have lost access to Instant Articles. I don’t know what I should do next, has this happened with anyone else here?

This is the repy I received on my appeal:

Once you get that message you should get your IA back a little while later.

Yep, happened to me a month ago. Sucks.

I have waited for around 12 hours already, it still shows I’ve lost my Instant Articles access. How long does it take for FB to reinstate IA access?

same happens to me yesterday. and after appealing they said i am eligible for monetization. but i am still loss access to Instant articles in my page. I have been doing IA for good 10 months. What to do next ?

did you get the IA Back ?

Same happened to me. I had to wait 1 week until I had them back.

By the way… you can’t use words like death, dead, war, worst, earthquake, tragedy, and so on… I lost them because of 2 articles about how it was Lisbon before the big earthquake of 1755 and another one about the 100 years of the first world war.

Surprisingly, I never wrote articles on such topic. Nevermind, do I have to resubmit articles for review after getting my access back or everything will return back to normal?

With me everything returned to normal after one week.

Honestly, I think you should try to speak with someone from the facebook chat support on your business account. Maybe you are lucky and you find there someone nice and willing to help you.

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I filed a bug report, they are working on it. I’ll try FB Chat support too.

Did you get the access back?

Hello, did you get the access to your instant articles back?

Nope, nothing yet.

Do they clear the payment or not? Any idea?


if it’s more than 100, they will