Help with IG sale

Hello everyone. I’m new here. I had a few questions because I’ve had many offers to buy my IG account. I wanted to know if was safe for this kinda stuff? I told them I prefer crypto or bank transfers only because I don’t want to deal with scams and this would be a 6 figure transaction. What would be the safest and easiest way? I’m no reseller or anything, I just found this website because I was searching up and Instagram account sales.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Is safe?

  2. Can you use for buying/selling social media accounts? Let's take a closer look [Update: Replied!]

Ask your client to come to SWAPD :+1:

Thanks for the read! Is there a front page for the website I can send them to where they read everything and sign up?

You may send this to your client: What is SWAPD?

Thank you again. Last question, I’ve been browsing this forum and it seems normal if they come here I can request they cover the swapd fee as well?

Even though the remitters of the full payment are buyers, it’s the sellers who are responsible for all fees in each transaction conducted on SWAPD. The deductions for money transfers and our service fees get debited from their payment upon finalization of the checkout ticket. There is no exception to this rule, no splitting fees or moving over the charges to the buyer is allowed. You can use our fee calculator to see how much exactly you will end up with, so you know exactly what to charge your buyers.

Useful links:

Please keep in mind that our fee calculator doesn’t give exact calculations, only estimations. Things outside of our control such as bank wire fees, BTC fluctuations, and currency value may affect the final payout. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

One more thing!

– Please remember, while we try our best to be as prompt as possible, sometimes our replies may take anywhere from 4-24 hours. Weekends and holidays may also further delay our response times. Thank you for understanding.

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You were most helpful. Thank you so much. I’ll use your link above to get them here. :pray:

You’re welcome.

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