Home Decor blog with 190k followers

I have two different websites that are included in the sale. One is http://farmhouserusticdecor.com/ and the other is http://www.thefabulousfarmhouse.com/. I mostly just use the websites as landing pages for affiliate offers such as etsy because you cant run etsy affiliate programs on some social media like facebook.

The blog has 186k followers on social media and grows by over 1100 per day which is all natural growth. I spend no money at all and has no overhead other than hosting and the domain name. There is a page and a group include in the sale along with the two websites. The users are super active with over 165k of them active in the last 28 days. I do have four advertisers who pay $250 a month and one who gets a discount and helps moderate. It will make around $1k a month. Asking price is $17,000

The group now has about 197k followers and will break 200k in a few days.

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