Home page Featured Topic listing - Slot #1 (TOP SPOT)

Selling 1x Home page Featured Topic listing for the month of April 2023. For more info, click here.

Crypto or wire only.

Comfy pretending he actually wants to win this.

Even though he has no intention of purchasing, just to show off.

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Ngl. You’re both right @1999 @SWAPD

Now bid 100k noob

I guess comfy doesn’t know that last month some spots sold for 1500 :smiley:

If I win, it’s win-win

Jim Bean Happy Dance GIF


@jamixson click on the link in my profile and bid there as well :joy:

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You got lucky this time @Comfy, all because @jamixson is a BOSS.

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I also forgot that @Logotyp24 may be potentially interested in this spot in April :smiley:

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@Comfy placed a 7000 USD bid - just now

Made a new profile picture, just for you @Comfy

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