How do I check the OG email of my Instagram account?

Hi, I am aware that Swapd made an article about how to check the OG email of an Instagram account, but it looks like the “account data” button is not available anymore. Can someone please explain how to check former email addresses?

Thanks in advance!

Request a data download here:

Download the files from your email (might take some time to receive them, usually a few hours):

Find a folder named “login_and_account_creation” and open a file named “signup_information”:

It’s a bit complicated now but I believe the old account data section can still be directly accessed if you know the link, I just couldn’t find it.

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Thank you!

This does not work, it only shows how many times the emails have been changed and the emails as well except the original one so you will never know what’s the OGE unfortunately.
Lmk if you have another method

Follow the steps and you’ll see the email used to create the account…