How Safe Is SWAPD?


So I joined SWAPD with the sole aim of selling my social media pages off for cheap. However after posting here I kept getting ridiculous prices just because I didn’t have tier 1 members.

However that’s not my issue. My point is that a potential scammer can still comment like he is interested(with the aim of getting you to post your original handle) and then still go ahead and try to hack that page.

My page was just almost hacked and if not for my backup measures…I would have lost all my work. I’m positive the culprit is here from SWAPD. Very positive.


I have joined Swapd a month ago or so after almost wasting my 4-5 months on other platforms which are on top of google search but are filled with scammers. I did 3 successful transactions here and they were super smooth. So i trust swapd this much that i can give them the property before even the sale happens.

For the scammers well they are everywhere you cant stop that for sure just give the links to id verified users and dont go offline for deals or click on any links sent to you or on your pages ever that will save you for sure and without that i dont think anyone can hack you or your pages.

I hope i was clear and straight :slight_smile: happy selling at Swapd!


I did like what, 14-15 transactions here? everytime I’m in shock of how professional the staff are and how nice they are.

I’m in the business for more than 5 years, and I’ve never felt so safe to make deals in a site like I do on SwapD.

If someone tried to hack you - it happens. no matter where you’ll try to sell or even if you won’t try to sell, someone will try to hack your page. that’s just how this business works.

The beauty of SwapD is that you can choose who to send the link to, and no one can see the link besides staff, VIP and Premium members. also, the staff recommend to only share the link with people who are ID verified. so that’s awesome too.

Was that good enough @Swapd? can I have my $50 now?


Well this facebook/instagram is different kind of business, the backbone of this business is trust, I agree at some point there are few black sheeps. But i would truly appreciate the endless effort of Sawpd team. They are professional, I would like to add one more thing, we are the people who make this platform secure or vulnerable.Every individual should keep hunting scammers and add add them to blackbook.


How can one HACK an Account just by seeing a Handle? Can’t they just go on IG and can see 200 Handles and try to HACK?

I know 10,000 Handles but can’t HACK a single one of it.

That is none of this Forum’s fault.



If only you read and understand my post well


Well we have read your post that is why we are commenting. First thing is your title ''how safe is swapd?" We replied to that and second about getting hacked. If there is something other than these 2 things please dont hesitate to explain.


Lol yes if it was that way i think people would hack each and every pages/accounts :joy:


Step 1. Always use swapd middleman
Step 2. Don’t give them any info except the username
Step 3. Ignore those people who send you $50 offers for a $1000 account
Step 4. Get the money from swapd and take a nap


Hi @Koladini as a person who has caught multiple scammers id be keen to understand how you are so sure the culprit is here on Swapd? Dont get me wrong im sure there are some scammers here as its virtually impossible to find them until they show their hand. However, rest assured when they do, we are quicker than any platform to either ban them or even return their stolen accounts back to their rightful owners.

  1. That wouldn’t be considered a scammer.
  2. I’m not exactly sure by what you mean with “with the aim of getting you to post your original handle.” If you mean account link, then I still don’t see the issue. Quite literally, you can do absolutely nothing with a page link and some insights. No private details about the account are shared (at least they shouldn’t be, we keep an eye out for that). A potential hacker could go around and play some eenie meenie miney mo on Facebook, pick out some random pages that he wants to hack, and go for those. I don’t understand your point here. You aren’t more vulnerable for sharing the link to your property with someone.
  3. I’ll be truthful, there’s a ton of time wasters on here, people that ask for handles and never respond; I’ve experienced it myself. However, this is true of every single forum out there, and you just have to be able to handle that in this sort of business.

Let me know if we’re not seeing eye to eye here or if you have any other questions or concerns.


So far, between my husband and I we have done close to $10,000 worth of transactions, and we haven’t been scammed even once. Some responsibility has to be taken by the buyer/seller.

If you get scammed I’ll say 9/10 it’s the fault of a user. I have been a member here for quite awhile and I wouldn’t be so fast to blame swapd for something that chances are was your fault.


Well SWAPD cant secure your accounts but they make sure you get the money in the moment you sell your accounts here.
At some point somebody will always try to play dirty but from what I have seen here the Staff is always after them.To be honest I am new as you here,had only one deal and everything went super secure and fine by the Staff


All these positive comments … I … I … no, I am not crying :frowning: It’s just something in my eye. Honestly, thank you guys! As far as the OP concerns, just watch our for @MeG, she is one of the worst admins. Other than that, you should be fine.