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Hey guys :slight_smile:

Some of you are already facing / will face that your link reach is zero when you post articles or a link to something on your page.

As I have said in a previous blog post on Swapd
“being part of the Swapd community since a year ago or a bit more I think it’s important for us to share with each other tips and tricks like this one for free to help one another.”

You might see this problem in two different ways.

1:- Your link will show zero reach and it will actually reach zero people.
2:- Your link will show zero reach but it will work and reach your audience.

From the tests I have done with pages affected with this and non pages here is the reason why.

It’s all part of the new Facebook update.
Basically any article that Facebook feels is clickbait Facebook will block it from reach.

I will soon update this with all confirmed keywords to try and avoid in your Article Title and description.

But as for now try to avoid things like:

Top 10
30 funniest moments
TAG A Friend - Change it to "Name A Friend"
Share if you agree
Like this
Share this
Did you know
You won’t believe what happened

You get the idea

Back to the main point now…

If you have shared an article and its not reaching your fans do the following steps.

Step 1:
Change your Article Title & Description

Step 2:
Change your article link:
Save it and update it on your website

Step 3:
Go to:
Past the article link and click on debug

Step 4:
Go to:
Past the article link and click scrap

Now Facebook will have fetched your Article with its new Title & Description

Step 5:
Share the updated Article on your page.

Step 6:
Wait for 5 minutes and you will find that your article reach is back to normal.

Thats it :wink:

I have done this with pages that had zero link reach and worked fine without submitting a report to Facebook or filing an appeal.

Just try your best not to post clickbait titles and description.

Wish you the best of luck and if you need any help feel free to message me :slight_smile:



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@Arij , it worked for you too?

No ours was unblocked before I could try this

If your page is blocked this won’t help from my experience. they will block EVERY link no matter what the title is…what you need to do is file an appeal. We did that and after a few days we got the answer that the block was an error and we were able to post links again!

I’ve yet to figure out how to change the article title etc.

The featured image on links might be the problem more often than title.

However, once a link gets listed as spam, it’d suggest not using it at all even if you change permalink, it is a matter of time until fb automated system gets around them. They scan the whole text on article so basically just move on, don’t risk yourself.

And how you know when a link got listed as spam?