How To Get Canva Premium Free For Lifetime

Hello everyone, will keep it short and simple, below are the instructions on how to get Canva Premium Free For Lifetime without any documentation!

  • Go to:

  • Select “+NEW”, put any random username and select "" as domain name

  • Now, go to, Select Teacher > Get Verified > and continue with the email you’ve generated.

  • Verify your email, once verified, change that temp email to your permanent email and set your first password as well

DONE, You are now a canva premium user!, Happy editing! :slight_smile:


This is amazing lol

Can you theoretically keep the temp email as the account’s email?

yes, you can but the website where you’re getting it from might delete the domain name so it’s better to change it to one you own that is permanent.

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perfect thanks so much man! lifesaver haha

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Bro thank you, works perfect, and I can invite other people to be students which gives them free access with any email!!

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They are asking for a Teacher ID. How can i solve it?

Try doing it on In incognito mode exactly as I’ve elaborated


Doesn’t seem to work anymore, any alternatives?

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Just check out a few recent tutorial video’s. One will work for sure:

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I’m not getting the verification code in the email ?

It says can’t create it any? I have tried private browsers

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Yes that was the same issue for me

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Same issue for me too - no verification code in email inbox at

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Canva premium

It’s from same site. Just registered and got my premium account :100:

Register through this link it’s free now. Don’t know for how much time :smiley: enjoy


yepp, it works, each premium member can onboard more on their team and they’ll get premium as well.

Very helpful, Thanks for sharing :heart:

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Here’s my invite link as well in-case someone need - Canva

This link is going to the thread? Anyone else have a link?

Its Educational Account with limited Access to features while Pro HaveMany Features by The Way Good Work…

Email not coming through. it was work a week ago.