How to get your unpublished facebook page published again- Free Service

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’m seeing more and more people are looking for a way to get their unpublished facebook page published again.

As I have said in a previous blog post on Swapd
“being part of the Swapd community since a year ago or a bit more I think it’s important for us to share with each other tips and tricks like this one for free to help one another.”

I have a method that I have used and got pages republished again with.

This method has work fine for me ever single time.

Pages were from 400k to 2M

Ok this is how its done…

Step 1:

The boring part you need to delete every single post / photo / video on that page.

Yes every single one for pages that are a couple of years old let say 5 years for example you need to delete 2 to 2.5 years back of posts “at least”

Step 2:

After deleting all the posts / photos / videos from the page you will wait approximately 7-10 days for facebook crawler to re crawl the page.

Step 3:

You will need to send an email from the email associated with your facebook account.

Email Subject:

“Appeal a Page Policy Violation”

Email body:

To whom it may concern,

My page of X years / month old has been unpublished for X amount of time I believe that this has happened in error and it’s a mistake I would really appreciate it if you could go over my page “insert page link” to check this issue I’m having.

I have read facebook terms and conditions and went over all rules and I have / will follow all rules to keep the facebook community as we all like and love it.

Thank you very much facebook team and keep up the good work.


Your name

Step 4:

Send this email to the following address:

Step 5:

Wait 2 - 4 days sometimes quicker sometimes slower for an email reply back.

Screenshot below:

That’s it :wink:

The email you said does not really get checked by a real person it’s checked by the system and picks up certain keywords and checks the page and republishes it.

Once you get your page back don’t post anything for a day or two and start posting slightly for a couple of days and your back to normal.

Wish you the best of luck and if you need any help feel free to message me :slight_smile:


Thank you @relgohary for the posts I really love them!
However, as much as I appreciate your posts, I am worried that facebook would notice the “bugs” in their system and patch them. I do encourage @Swapd to hide those very useful tips in closed groups :slight_smile:

BTW do you have any tip to remove the new link block problem (or 0 - reach problem link block as others call it)?


I totally agree with @Arij, I think @Swapd should take action to hide these kind of posts.


I totally agree with @Arij , I think @swapd will take necessary steps for that. also another post from @relgohary how to rename fb page , should be hided.

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@Arij and @idealk I do not agree. This is another informative post, and I am all for sharing information that should help others. If Facebook closes this method, let it be. I am fairly sure I could dig up this tutorial on other sites, also. It’s not like SWAPD is the place that released it.

Perhaps in the future we will have a closed group, but for now, this info stays open.

Thank you @relgohary !


Is there any chanse that this trick will work for deleted pages ?


This should definitely be private info. On Viral accounts, admin was doing due diligence to make sure no fb employee could see which pages were being listed. This is like asking facebook to finding underground tricks. At worse, tricks and tips forum should be blocked from search crawling.


Basically, emailing that email creates an support ticket or it actually replies to a support ticket.

However, this isn’t somehow different from sending a normal appeal.

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Send you mesages check ! please

I was going to try this method but I can’t even delete posts from the page. Can you please help me?

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You are not alone. It started recently, you can’t delete posts on unpublished pages.


I hope it’s a bug. They should allow publishers to fix the problem before appealing.

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Yeah, same. I can delete unpub page posts from mbasic.facebook site by the way.


They working something, last 7 days I have free fall in my stats. Today is the worst day ever!
I dont know what to do… Should I publish links and posts or no…

Working Still?

I’ve many friends who have their pages unpublished, my Friends will love it, if it worked.

I’m very glad to know about this service. thanks a lot!

Hi there
I have checked the email address which you have given and its is not valid now
I want a working email where i can send a mail to publish my account,my account has followers in millions
please help us it would be highly appreciated

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I am interested too.
Also I would like to know is there some other email, where I can send this kind of message, to get back my lost instant article account???

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i absolutely agree with you. these people are just worried that people are sharing useful information with people who actually need it.
anyone who wants to hide this information certainly knows it himself. and does not want others to know about it.

Hey, it’s my first post here. Glad to find this specific post.

russell.elgohary said:

Step 2:
After deleting all the posts / photos / videos from the page you will wait approximately 7-10 days for facebook crawler to re crawl the page.

I have gone through a huge amount of posts and edited/deleted potentially violating posts. I have already pressed the appeal button and i wait. I am thinking additionally send a mail like the above or send a message through the page visibilty “appeal” option (maybe this creates the same mail). Any thoughts on all this?

You can actually go through m.facebook or through opening the post in a new tab and then =>delete=>edit if you want to edit posts. Already done a huge amount of work on this. :stuck_out_tongue:
However only through mbasic.facebook you can remove posts.