How To Identify a SWAPD Staff Member

On June 22nd, we came across the first attempted staff impersonation on SWAPD. While it should’ve been clear as day that the impersonator was a fake staff account, we realize that it could be beneficial addressing how you can identify a real staff member on our website.

On SWAPD, we have two groups of staff members. We have @Administrators and @moderators. You can click on these two groups to see who’s in which group.

How to identify a SWAPD staff member



SWAPD staff’s messages are easily identified by the numerous signals left in each message we post. From our name spelled straight forward, the badge next to our usernames, the title next to the badge, and the SWAPD STAFF watermark in the top right of our messages.

Who are SWAPD administrators?

Keep in mind that not all of our admins operate tickets. Some are developers, and some look after our security. Below is a complete list of all of our administrators.

Who are SWAPD moderators?

Our moderators help us moderate listings and enforce rules. They do not operate tickets. Below is a complete list of all of our moderators.

Who are the SWAPD official BOTs?

Our BOTs are back-end users that automate things on SWAPD.

If you’re ever in doubt, simply tag @Administrators.