How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domains

Any discount on mentorship?
I really need to make money however i can’t afford that much

I’m interested in more information. Is your guide written or video?

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I’m interested, can you provide more info please?

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How big can you take this? I know you said passive.

Everything depends on your budget. If your budget is at least 10k+, you can bring in very nice profits, if it’s hundreds of dollars it will take you way longer to find decent domains and to sell them, because they will be of lower quality.

But there’s no ceiling. I know people who are in the business for almost a decade, they started with a few thousands and they now make 6 figures a month in sales.

It’s passive because you don’t look for a buyer, they come to you. Your job ends once you purchase a domain.

Has anyone made some money after taking this course that can vouch?

Interested in this as well.

DM me if you’d be interested in starting the process