★ How to make your first $100k on Instagram in 1 year or less

Hello everyone

I’m very happy to announce that my first 1:1 Mentorship is now available

Before I dive deeper into the concepts you’ll learn from this and the resources you’ll receive, here is a little background information about me, the person that will mentor you :slight_smile:

I am 23 years old, I live in Romania, and for the past 4 years I’ve been managing Instagram accounts

During the first 3 years, I only worked for other people, managing theme, personal, and brand pages.

This severely limited my earning potential so about 14 months ago I went on my own path and started buying and selling Instagram accounts

This allowed me to go from $150 in my pocket to more than $230.000 in sales, on-site and off-site, most of which was pure profit

During this period, I’ve bought and sold more than 161 Instagram accounts, and almost every single one of them had more than 10 million impressions, sometimes having in the range of 100 - 150 million monthly impressions

I’ve also managed to build an excellent reputation on Swapd, with over 130 positive reviews and more than $170k in transactions

This Mentorship is for everyone, beginner or advanced, with a small capital or a with a lot of money to invest

I will teach you how to make your first $100k in less than a year with minimum investment. During this period I’ve never worked more than 2 or 3 hours a day, and you will be able to do the same

What this Mentorship includes:

  • A very detailed Guide that will teach every single concept you need to know about Instagram accounts and most importantly theme pages. From how to grow an account, how to monetize it and then sell it, you will find all the neccesary information here

  • A strategy that will increase the number of views you’ll get on the majority of your Reels by 3-10x. Most people using this method get 100k+ views on their Reels when they have less than 1k followers

  • Page analysis and optimization. If you already have an Instagram page, I will analyze it and give you the best tips to improve it and make it as viral as possible

  • Tactics that will make you one of the best salesman in the world

  • Access to all my knowledge. You will be able to ask me anything you’d like to know about making money on Instagram, buying, growing, and selling pages

There are currently 96 people enrolled in my Mentorship and all of them are very satisfied. You can check the reviews they’ve left here: Feedback

The ticket duration will be 3 days + 7 days grace period , and after the ticket ends you’ll still be able to ask me any questions you might have. So you’ll have access to my knowledge for life

The Price for this Mentorship is $390

I’m looking forward to working with you. Let’s make you more money this year than you believed possible


Very well-written sales post! Good luck with sales!


Is this all about flipping or also monetizing the accounts by yourself?


@zlatan It includes various monetization methods as well. I’ve used these methods to regularly make $3-4k monthly from just a few pages that I’ve owned over time, regardless of the niche


Good luck with sales man. Great write up - however it would be great if you can attach some monetization related stats / screenshots on the post so we know we’re going to learn some real useful stuff and not just setting up the shop or driving traffic to the offers site by sending dms etc

I am interested in your mentorship - i need some more details on the monetization methods , also i am sending you some of my IG accounts let me know if they can be monetized well or not using your knowledge.



Hi! I’ve replied to your messages. I can show everyone examples of what I’ve done so far without any problems. In my mentorship, there are a lot of techniques for monetising Instagram accounts

Everything in my mentorship is useful and has helped make these amounts of money. I will teach you what I’ve done and what you can do as well


Please send the same information to me also.


Pm’ed you

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I vouch for @Petrecocos - he grew my dead page from less than 1,000 impressions to over 2.2M impressions in 1 month.


He managed my IG for my cannabis brand, and it hit 30M impressions in 30 days. Insane results!


Hmm send same

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How dose the money start coming in brother?

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I am very much interested in this but I want to start from 0 as I have no pages or anything anymore but I like your pitch and I would like to get more info on how you can help in my case and we can start the ticket right away :slight_smile:


That’s impressive. keep it up! :two_hearts:

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Thank you very much!


vouch for @Petrecocos no matter what we went through, the most legit and easygoing person to deal with.

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Thank you!

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