How to properly search SWAPD listings

SWAPD is getting bigger day by day, and the number of listings is increasing. This causes sorting problems for many of our members. This is why we created this short tutorial that explains how to utilize our advanced search engine to find what you need.

To quickly search a specific category for things that you need, simply visit our advanced search page and:

  1. Pick the category you want to search
  2. Pick the tags that interest you
  3. Enter a keyword you want to search for (optional)

If done correctly, you will see all listings you seek within the searched category (see screenshot below)

You can also pick settings such as open/closed topics, the date of the listings, and minimum post count. However, the tags are the most important to choose from, as SWAPD categorizes properties via tagging. We cover the basics such as geo-location of the audience, niche/topic, and activity.

You can also track tags and receive notifications on new listings

If (for example) your only interests are premium properties, you can be notified via email and notification every time a new property is tagged premium. Simply navigate to the tag area in your personal settings, and enter the tags you’re interested in, as seen in the screenshot below.

Depending on how you want to be notified (first post/every reply/etc.), fill in the appropriate field and click ‘Save Changes.’