How to Recover Hacked Tiktok Acc

Hello There! Here’s two different ways to recover your Tiktok account if you lost access/get hacked.


First Method: Go to [Tiktok App]> Settings > Report a problem then in the Top right you can find a small letter click on it then will take you to the cases page click on it again, Will show to you a page says “Tell us your Feedback”

Then you can write that you lost the access to your account or your account get hacked.

Exmaple: My account got hacked this is my user @/Tariq, Please help recover it.

Then they will respond to you with this message:


Thank you for contacting TikTok.

For security purposes, please provide the information below to verify the ownership of the account:

  • Username (@xxxxx)

  • Signup date (month and year)

  • Registered location (country and city)

  • Registered/Previous login devices (Phone model)

  • Signup/associated email address/phone number

  • Associated/sign up Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Google account’s username(better a screenshot of log-in page)

Thanks for your cooperation.”


If you have one information wrong they will replied with wrong information mentioned:


Unfortunately, we cannot process your request since the information you have provided to us does not match our records to verify ownership of the account.

Please send us:

  • Signup/associated email address

Thanks for your cooperation.


Once you have all of these information you can reply to them, once they confirm the information they will send you a message says:


Your ownership of the account has been verified. Please send us a phone number (with country code) / email address which you wish to bind to the account.

Please note:

One phone number/email can only be bound to one account.

To avoid re-creating account, please wait for our response before you log in with the new number/email.

Thanks for your cooperation.


After you give them the phone/email they will reply:


Thank you for contacting TikTok. We have bound the phone number (+966000000000) back to your account, kindly use it to log in.

Please follow the steps below to keep your account secure:

  1. Change your password (It will log out all other users who may have accessed your account);

Route: Settings (top right corner “···”) > Manage My Account > Password

  1. Remove the device(s) you do not recognize;

Route: Settings (top right corner “···”) > Manage My Account > Manage Devices

To learn more about account security, go to


The second is from official Tiktok feedback website:

I think you can apply all the requirements for everything you have for your hacked account and they will respond asap to your email.

That’s my experience with tiktok support to recover a hacked account.


I just add screenshots of the ticket to make it easier to understand

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