How to Remove Instagram Shadowban in 2019

If you landed on this post, you’ve likely heard about the phrase “Instagram Shadowban.” However, did you understand that your development, commitment and general reach on Instagram could be limited by the Instagram Shadowban? This prohibition has made huge influencers virtually invisible overnight.

Want to know more about how the shadowban affects your Instagram account? Are you concerned about the shadowbanning of your Instagram account? Do you need your account to remove the Instagram Shadowban? If you said yes, you’re in luck with any of the past questions! I am going to cover everything and more about the notorious Instagram Shadowban just below in this blog post.

Does Shadowban kill your engagement?

Have you noticed that your posts are receiving fewer likes and not showing up for hashtags and significantly fewer people reach overall account? If all of the above is true, the mysterious Instagram Shadowban could turn you into a victim.
Instagram Shadowbanning is going crazy with users & influencers! Dropping engagement by making posts unavailable to see for your non-followers is causing the growth of impacted accounts to come to a sharp halt.

Am I shadowbanned?

To determine whether your account is a victim or not, simply click on your latest post hashtag (or create new post with a small hashtag) and click on the hashtag ‘recent’ to see if your post is visible on the most recent hashtag feed. If you can’t see your post, then others won’t see it too and it’s possible you have been banished to the shadow realm.

Why did I get shadowbanned?

There is no official statement from Instagram on why do people gain shadowban however I have identified some of the reasons that get’s you shadowbanned:

  1. You are using third party software’s.
    By using third party software’s you are violating Instagram’s Terms of Service. Those softwares might be to gain fake followers, auto-posting websites, fake likes and many more. Instagram has been tracking down on this and even caused InfiniCore, Fulegram, MassPlanner, Instagress and many others to be shut down in a very short period of time and there is more to come.

  2. Your account is constantly being reported
    For the past two months Instagram losing tolerance on the accounts that include copyright materials, spamming, infringement content, which causes MANY accounts getting banned in a very short period of time without even warning.

  3. You’re exceeding your daily or hourly Limits.
    Very self explanatory, do not message/like/follow or comment 100 accounts per hour, if you are doing it, you need to find out the daily limit on the engagement that you can provide on daily basis (I realized that each follower range accounts have their own limit, however its not too farfetched from general limitations), and spread it out equally throughout the day.

How to remove my account from shadowban?

It appears that average shadowban lasts around 9-12 days, it can take less or more days to get rid of it, it all depends on how ‘healthy’ your account is and how you treating it.

Again there is no official statement from Instagram on how to ‘unshadowban’ your account, however my practice showed for my clients a guaranteed escape from shadowban, so just follow my little cheat sheet

For the next 9 to 12 days (until the moment you’ll see your posts back on hashtag feed) you should:

  1. Minimize your engagement .Post only once per day, use no hashtags for the first week and the rest 2-5 days use only 1 hashtag. Do not use location either (the same goes for stories).
  2. Change your password to make sure your account is no longer linked to any 3rd party software’s that you have previously used.
  3. Do not buy any services, e.g fake likes/comments etc…
  4. Do not engage with the other accounts for the same period of time.
  5. If you repost someone’s content, be sure to give full credits to the creator (“credits reserved to its respective owners” does not work anymore).
    And that’s it guys, just follow this steps and I guarantee you that you will be removed from the shadowban. Once you will be removed from it, make sure to give your account a warm up time before bursting it down with content and engagement, take things slow otherwise you will be thrown back into the same pit.

I hope that helps!
If you have any questions be sure to leave a comments or pm me, I’ll be more than happy to help.

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Whoa! Looks like a nice write up. I will give this a read tonight :smiley: Thank you very much!


If your account is 100% legit and still has shawdow ban.

Try posting a video or photo and then immediately after remove (not archieving) 1 - 2 old videos or photos from your IG and your ban should go away if it’s from no reason or too high engagement.

Let me know how this goes if someone trys :wink:

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Nice write up, thanks!

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Same with the Facebook algorithm slowing down our post reach.

Hi Max. Good write up but point 5 is simply not true. If you don’t get the original content creators express permission to repost the content, it doesn’t matter what you write. It’s a breach of their copyright and if they want, they will file a copyright complaint against you and you’ll be shadow banned again. :grimacing:

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That’s a good point Jjg, I’ll agree with you on this one. :star_struck: