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Interested in ig can you prove you’ve done them ?

Price for Instagram + PR? PM me please.

Price for only google knowledge panel

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around 40 verifications in 2 months…me myself i’m verified everywhere



Could the staff verify you can deliver this service? I thought the rule was you had to verify someone from swapd first to sell this service. @staff

Pm me the price for pr and insta verify


Would you be interested in doing press for me in exchange for my 300K tik tok account?

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Well, maybe, send me a PM

Indeed I asked a mod first…and the post was approved. And we have a track record.

I don’t need verifications done but I have some brands that need more PR work. Can you DM your pricing and what’s included for your work with brands? Thanks for your consideration!

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please DM me to discuss further

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which PR package is needed for an Instagram verification?

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It depends. If you already have some press, panels, other socials verified…or if you are starting from scratch. It’s like a ladder where we keep adding 1 step until we have a minimum “success rate” to be confident in submitting for verification.

pm me more information for IG verification + pr

:heavy_check_mark: Booked for the next 7-10 days for both PR and Verifications

Feel free to keep messaging me, the review/qualification process takes days anyway so…

Vouch for the seller. Delivered a verification within 2 days. Solid service!


Thanks buddy, appreciate it. Looking forward to more

Send PM


• booked for PR packages for the next 7 days

Thanks to everybody

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