I can create CUSTOM legacy VERIFYED instagram (not meta) (can be gamble, crypto, nft, all)

Service type: Custom Legacy IG
Price: 2500$


I can create any custom legacy verified instagram accaunt.

TAT 7-10days…

Can be personal, business, gamble, nft, ico, crypto…

I just need you delivered available username which you want and lets start work.


Your service seems interesting, but you have zero feedback in your profile. What’s the probability the checkmark will disappear after some time?

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Its legacy verification cant disappear (acc will be visible in celebrity list)

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Legacy verifications can most definitely disappear especially if you use fraudulent methods of verifications like stealing random identities of individuals press articles, and verifying under aliases you do not have permission to do so with.

For vetting purposes, you will create press articles around the name of the account and niche that we supply you with?

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Nop. Verification will not be losted. Only if you change username badge will be losted.

Like i say i verify in CUSTOM username (which you chose) i dont steal alias etc.

Its new method :white_check_mark:

The idea of what you’re selling sounds good, but the probability of the check disappearing I believe is there.

If it’s a new method, then how would you be able to guarantee that the check won’t disappear after some time… ? They don’t disappear a week or two after getting them, but IG does a purge where they get rid of all the checks they assume/deterimine to be not legitimate. If it’s a new method, then you don’t have proof of any account you did in the past, that has kept its check mark for a significant amount of time?

I guaranteed 100% NEVER WILL DISSAPEAR, its new method but POINT is REAL! Badge can be removed only if you change username.

I can’t lie, I am highly interested… but I’m not willing to gamble with my clients money like that… because if it disappears, then it’s on me. But I definitely bid you Good Luck With Sales, I’m sure you will get plenty of clients.

Brother if badge dissapear come back and give me worst review ever! Here and on accaunt! That will not happen no regret. All is verified 100% legitimate. Try me and i promise you, 0% regret. your only regret will be that you didn’t buyed earlier

Im new here and I wonder how do people even manage to get this type of “methods” and stuff, any advice you can give me? also Im interested on buying one of these