I can get you in contact with Facebook support

Service type: Facebook Support Panel
Price: $1500

Description: I can contact Facebook support for any issues you may have or I can sell you access to a Facebook support panel with live chat and email. It can be used to claim usernames, unban accounts, request verification, etc.

Feel free to PM me for any inquires.


Heyyy PM

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I’ve been getting a lot of PMs about this that seem to be misunderstanding. Firstly, no this isn’t a Media Support panel, that panel is only given out to big media organisations and celebrities. Secondly, Media Support isn’t some kind of magic; if your problem isn’t being resolved by Advertiser Support, it won’t be resolved by Media Support either unless you’re some kind of VIP.

Lastly, this panel can be used for many things related to Facebook but the main way I use it is for Instagram-related requests, so if you’re looking for help with something Facebook related then I can’t help you, sorry.

PM me

Hello, could you get us a blue verifed page and Right managers? we are producing contents on our own

Please PM me on any inquiries. If you’re looking for Facebook verification then I’m not very familiar with how I can help you get it. Most of my requests have been Instagram-related so that’s where I’m most familiar.

Hello pm me let’s talk more about the Instagram verification

@Swapd Please close this as I’m not taking any more requests.

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