I sell 3 pages with Instant Article approved + english news domains .com (400$ each now)

Hey everyone.


I sell 3 FB pages with Instant Articles + domain .com approved on September 5th and 20th and never used.

If you check my past activity, I sold many pages with Instant Articles, I sell good stuff.

The pages have very good names.

The websites have ‘AMP’ and ‘AMP Ads’ installed already, and the domains are .com and contain the word “news”.

The pages have not many followers, but as you know, that’s not important.

Payment method: PayPal.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Still available

Really nobody wants IA these days ?
I guess these 2 IAs are the last that I’ll provide, since there is no request.
The pages will lose monetization is they will not be used soon.

Price updated.
$400 for each.

Page link

3 pages in stock now.

PM me page link plesss


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