I sell YouTube channel

Amount of subscribers: 232k
Country of subscribers (majority): México
Topic/Niche: Tiktok
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): only real subscribers earned for the videos

Description: I sell YouTube channel verified for not using it, without monetization (cheap)

send me the url

Send me the URL and last 7 days stat. I want to buy Asap if everything is okay

link please

Dm link

Enlace porfvaoe estoy interesado

hi, send link please. gracias

Send me the link… I am interested to buy it.

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Hello Send me

Pm I’ll buy

I will buy

never received link

interested. PM link

i will buy it send me the link brother in private message

Pm me link

Send me the link please

PM me link

Send me channel link bro

Envíame link del canal bro

The seller hasn’t replied to me. Did anyone else got any message or the link?

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