I will grow your IG organically and increase reach!

Service type: Organically growing your IG Food/DIY/Travel account at a consistent rate through the use of an existing network!

Price: This depends on if you would want me to manage the posting on the ig account, or just sending followers to it by mentioning it daily in the caption of the posts on my 3 other 1M+ accounts.
Generally the prices would look like this:

1 week sending followers through captions: 100$

1 month sending followers through captions: 350$

1 week sending followers through captions + posting 3 times daily: 160$

1 month sending followers through captions + posting 3 times daily: 500$

ATTENTION: As this can only be done effectively for a few accounts, the prices will go up 25% per closed deal.

Feel free to DM me if you have a special inquiry or just some questions, I‘ll answer them ASAP.

Description: Hey I‘m Consti! I own a 3.7M+ IG network made up of 3 big and one small account I‘ve created and built up from 0 to 31k within 3 months. I have around 2 years of experience in managing and growing IG accounts and thus have managed to optimize the usage of hashtags, formats (pic, carousel, vid) and the overall IG algorithm, allowing my accounts to grow constantly and achieve a great reach.

As my accounts are focused on the DIY/Travel/Food niches, accounts in those niches would grow the fastest. I cannot guarantee a specific amount of followers you‘ll get per day, as it’s organic. My 31k account grows at an average of 500-600 per day, feel free to DM me and I‘ll take a look at your account(s) and estimate how many additional followers we can bring you per day.


Looking forward to any questions and again, always feel free to DM me if you have a special request,



This isn’t a unique service, unstinting. Sorry. This seems more like an influence deal, and only Premium Members can offer influence deals on SWAPD.

Oof. I haven’t seen another service like this one on swapd, so I presumed it was a „unique service“, but oh well, my bad. How do I become a premium member then?

Please link to that topic, I will review it (maybe I missed it).

Here is the PM info: Premium Memberships (BETA)

Just got premium, hope it’s in the green now :+1:

Moved and reopened. Thank you!

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I am interested. Can start right away. Please get in touch with me.


Just as a quick note: PayPal and BTC are accepted as a form of payment! :+1:

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Please have a look at my account edited by staff and let me know what you can do for me? Cheers

Link warning!

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Thank you for using SWAPD.

PMed you!

What about entertaiment accounts? Like viral videos

Same rules apply! :+1:

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DO you need access to the account?

Of course not! If you only want me to feature you in captions, no access is needed.

Can you pls PM me. I have a few questions. Thanks