I Will Grow Your Meme Page Using Ads (Facebook)

Service type: Facebook Ads Management

Price: $500 per month or 20% of ad spend (Whichever is greater.)
EARLY BIRD OFFER: $300 or 15% of ad spend. (To be renegotiated.)
Once I have at least 3 clients, the up-front management fee will be $500.
Free trial for VIP member in exchange for a review!

I will run Facebook ads for your Facebook meme page, in order to grow targeted page likes that are incredibly engaging.

For now, the main objective I will focus on is:
• Running your ads on Facebook, e.g.:
• Picking creatives (images)
• Writing ad copy (text)
• Targeting the correct audience (countries, interests and other demographics)
• With the main GOAL being more likes on your Facebook meme page.
• My main priority is maintaining a low CPA (cost per acquisition — page like.)

My prior results:
• I usually get page likes at a cost as low as $0.02 each or roughly $20 per 1,000 likes, once the ad has had some time to stabilize and correct itself.
• NOTE: I run these ads succesfully while targeting ONLY t1 countries.
• Here’s some results from running some ads on my own meme page:

(Roughly 30th of July)

(Roughly 23rd of February)

What you need to do:
• Keep posting and curating organic Facebook memes as usual. (I will NOT curate your news feed or otherwise manage the PAGE. I manage your ADS.)
• You (still) need to figure out how to monetize your page by yourself, if you haven’t already. (I might be able to offer suggestions or advice, but I will NOT manage the monetization of your page.)

How it works:
• You have to give me access to your business manager and ads manager.
• You must have a valid payment method connected to your ad account, such as credit card or PayPal account. (I will NOT pay your ad spend up front. That is your responsibility. Ad spend is NOT included in the management price.)
• I will set up ads that are compliant with the ToS of Facebook, and make sure to tweak them until the CPA is at the desired level.
• You have to pay $300* up-front. If your ad spend is greater than $1500*, I will start charging 15%* of your ad spend on top of the initial payment.

*Subject to change.

Let’s see if this service will prove valuable to Swapd members!

Free trial for VIP members is still available in exchange for a review.

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