I will identify all your instagram fake, inactive, and ghost followers

I am identifying your

  • Ghost
  • Fake
  • and inactive followers

Without any login information, we only need your Instagram username!

Why is removing ghost, fake, and inactive accounts an effective way to improve your social media experience?

Every inactive account cuts the reach of your posts with a dramatic impact. Every time an inactive or bot account sees your content without engaging, the algorithm of Instagram thinks your content could be more worth interacting with, which means that this post will be shown to fewer and fewer people.

  • We are the most advanced analysis service out there.
  • Get the analysis spreadsheet with all valuable metrics.
  • Our self-developed AI Rating System will make the removal as easy as possible by showing you the worst profiles first.
  • Save time going through simple Excel Files - everything is set up for easy use!

Price and Turn around time:

10,000 Followers: For 35$ TAT: 2 days +Fee
25,000 Followers: For 55$ TAT: 4 days +Fee
50,000 Followers: For 155$ TAT: 6 days +Fee

Read my FAQ below, where I answer the most common questions!


Does removing Ghost Followers help me to get better engagement?

Ghost followers don’t interact with your posts - it signalizes the algorithm that your posts are not relevant since it receive not the engagement that they should. This will make it hard for your content to hit Top Lists on Hashtags or the Explore page and grow your account with real followers.


Do you need the password to analyze the account?

No. We don’t need any personal information besides the Instagram Username. Everything we do is done from the “outside” - that’s why our service is 100% risk-free for your account, and you don’t need to worry about telling someone your password.


Will the provided list contain every follower of my Account or just the non-engaging ones?

The provided Data Spreadsheet will contain every account that did not interact with any of your last 40 posts. That means that Accounts that did interact with at least one post out of your 40 most recent will not be included in the sheet. The spreadsheet only contains ghost followers.


Will you remove the Followers or provide the list?

With our analysis, you can remove the worst followers first and get the best results within a shorter time. We don’t remove the followers on this gig, but we have a service to remove them for you - this needs to be booked additionally.


Is your service 100% safe? I don’t want my account to get banned.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients so far - no account was ever banned because of the analysis.


Does my profile need to be public?

Yes, your profile must be public - we can’t analyze a private one.


What interactions do you analyze - what about Story Views for example?

The interactions we’re analyzing are likes and comments on Feed Posts and Reels. Unfortunately, it’s technically not possible to consider Story Views, because this data is only temporarily stored on Instagram and not publicly available.


Are you using any Apps or Third-Party Software?

We don’t use any apps or third-party software. Our process is our own product, completely self-developed by professional developers. We’ve analyzed more than 10 Million Instagram Accounts so far (as of January 2022).


I have more followers than 50,000 - can I still use your service?

Yes! If you have more than 50,000 Followers, just message us, and you will get a personalized quote. Even 6-digit Accounts are fine.



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