IG/FB Hacked Recovery/2FA for Musicians/Creators/Media/Entertainment Figures

Done Directly With Rep.

All I need is -

The URL of the hacked account:

The estimated date of the hack:

The email or phone number associated with the account prior to the hack:

Email on account:

A new email address that has never been used on Facebook or Instagram before and can be added to the account:

The reason why you believe the account was hacked

TAT - 24-72hrs

Success Rate - 99%

Price - 1250

Abstract Customer Care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: - Priceless


Vouch for @Abstract A++

Vouch! Got my client’s account back real quick :+1:

@Abstract Fantastic seller, great.

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What about a music artist legacy verified banned account? Perm for Violating TOS

check pm

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