★ IG Former Usernames Removal Method (100% GUARANTEED) ★


Service type: IG Former Usernames Removal Method

Price: 100$+fee Firm

Hi Swappers,

I am offering a guaranteed method to remove former usernames on Instagram for both personal and business accounts. I have tested it myself, and it’s proven to work that it’s working perfectly.

What are Instagram’s former usernames?

If you want to see the previous usernames of any Instagram account, you can simply click on the username and then click on the three dots. From there, select “About This Account” and you will be able to view the former usernames. If you want to check your own former usernames, go to your Instagram settings and scroll all the way to the end. Click on “About” and then select “Former Usernames” to view them.

See the attached example attached.

The estimated waiting time is just a few minutes.

I will share the full video of this method how you can do this on anyone profile you need access of the account and you can open your own topic on SWAPD.

I do not allow you to share or sell my method anywhere, but you are welcome to start a service on SWAPD.

Important note:

This method don’t work on the Meta verified nor legacy accounts so please don’t buy and ask for refund in ticket.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me always ready for the deals :moneybag: :100:

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This dude is the GOAT FOR REAL!!!

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Vouch for this just purchased and works like a charm!

Thanks @Mafia

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Can you do FB (name change history)?

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Never tried, can you show me ss of the history I can check for you.

Ok, check your dm

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Hi i want to buy for one of my accounts, let me know in pm.

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Can you remove shared followers option?