I'll research, write, edit, format and publish an Amazon eBook

Service type: Amazon KDP eBook
Price: 3k - 10k+ (Every project will be quoted individually)

This is the first time I’ve offered this service anywhere and it’s about as unique as it gets.

Let’s talk about Amazon eBooks for a moment–

As we all know, Amazon has a massive audience, but they are protected. We can’t get to them, right? Wrong – An eBook is the ONE way we can communicate and influence Amazon’s audience.


Amazon eBooks are an amazing and in my opinion are the most UNDER UTILIZED asset we have are our disposal on the internet.

Here are a few things you can do with one of these eBooks

  1. Well, it’s another place to put your name or story out there on the internet. If you’re trying to be everywhere, this is probably one of the places your competitor probably hasn’t thought about.

  2. People trust ebooks more than any blog post or article. This allows us to write very niche ebooks teaching others how to do something while specifically recommending a specific brand, course, product or service throughout the book. This is amazing because in this case we are driving warm and interested traffic wherever you want them.

  3. It’s easy passive income. I wrote and published a small eleven page ebook back in 2017 in order to test the viability of this market. The results were surprising to say the least. As you can see in the screenshot blow, people are still buying are reading this book. Keep in mind that I really did throw this together. I researched, wrote, formatted and published this in about 3 hours, the cover is horrible, it’s specific to 2017 and the audience is tiny, but yet it’s still getting reads and purchases to this day.

If you’d like to see how horrible my first ebook was in 2017, click here to go check it out.

Since then, I’ve went on to master the eBook market and have even helped others take their own eBooks from zero reads and sales to #1 Amazon Best Sellers in just a matter of weeks!!

What I’m selling isn’t just an ebook, it’s the experience I’ve attained over the past few years to get you the results you want on this platform.

The possibilities are endless with an Amazon eBook and they ways they can be used are limitless, so if you are intrigued, interested or have an idea for your own eBook, send me a message and let’s chat.


Now this is unique! Good look with sales.


Looks like a great service. GL!!

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