Inactive Instagram Username Claim

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Instagram Username Claim


£100-£1000 (about $140-1400)


I can claim inactive Instagram usernames for your company/business.
Price varies depending on the username.

All funds must be paid up front to a SWAPD MM, who will hold the funds until I received the username (which will be assigned to a blank account). I will then provide you with the login details for the account which the username has been assigned to (It is then your responsibility to transfer the username to an account of your choice).

If I am unable to get the username you will get a FULL REFUND.

However, if I am unable to get the username due to a fault on your behalf (e.g failing to provide required information) you will be refunded all your funds minus a £25 fee.

Time length varies, sometimes it takes me under 6 hours, sometimes it takes me 1-2 weeks. (I will keep you updated throughout the process).

Serious buyers, please message me.


Sounds like a really interesting service,
I’ll make sure to contact you once I have a username I want in mind

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Looks like a really low price compared to what I’ve seen before. If its real you’ll most likely get a considerable amount of sales. Good luck!


Awesome! Please do :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope there is a lot of interest and let me know if you are interested in a username yourself :grin:

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Reopening this service, the seller claims a 99% success rate (unverified yet).

Interested please send me pm

a 99% success rate is impossible for this type of service

Closing this service, we don’t allow these types of situations. This doesn’t look like a 99% success rate service.