Shuts Down Amidst META Crackdown

Internally as in no open-to-the-public platform, only through reps. But I am not 100% sure, I vaguely recall someone mentioning this to me.

Ok so that is only on twitter not on other socials till now….as they are in plan for a open to public marketplace…?

Who knows :frowning:

Yes but they removed the category entirely from their home page, and no mention of ‘Instagram’ in their homepage search results. They might’ve moved it to a member-access only section.

Just bought two accounts from that website right before they shut down, glad i was able to secure the accounts before they went offline.

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So does fameswap

Nope. Guests can access it from Google. OK, so META forced them to stop using the word IG, but they cannot stop user-generated content. From what our lawyers told us, user-generated content is fair game, but if any network wants you to stop using their name, you have to oblige.

If PlayerUp caved in that’s a big one :open_mouth:

@Rayman - Can you specify what exactly they removed? Because look:

This doesn’t look like they’ve complied at all.

Oh I meant this page. Because when I searched on the two search bars. One showed me no results and the other wanted me to Login.
It was through google search and through the URL, mentioned in your SS I landed on that page.
So, I think they are working rn to hide that they operate in the trade of IG accounts after the recent chain of events.