Instagram All in One Service (Generic / Non Generic Claims, Unbans, etc)


I am new to this specific marketplace but I have spent several years involved within the instagram OG scene, as well as other related communities. I’m bringing this service to this website as a means to grow my outreach and find new clients. I am currently able to provide various instagram services at very competitive prices with support from well respected members of the community. Currently I offer both generic and non generic claims, as well as various forms of unbans. Other services are also available on request.


  • Generic Claims: Starting from $13,000 + fees, price will greatly vary depending on the handle
    No Celebrities, Banned Handles, or Accounts in community circulation

  • Non Generic Claims: Starting from $1,500 + fees

  • Unbans: Starting from $1,000 + fees, price will greatly vary depending on the ban reason
    I can pretty much unban everything except cyber security bans

Crypto payments are preferred.
Feel free to shoot me a DM with any questions.

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Can’t open a ticket with you because you haven’t verified your ID. Please do so by messaging @verification

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My apologies, didn’t know this was a feature as I’m new to the site. I will complete the verification as soon as I can.

I’ve completed ID Verification / Bump

Do you still provide non generic ig claims?