Instagram Copyright Claiming - banned account?

Hey everyone. Recently I had to file a bunch of copyright claims on an account for a former client who was using images without licensing. Overall there were about 17 posts and highlights removed. Sadly their account appears to have been banned.

This wasn’t my intention but it happened and I was well within my rights to report the infringement. I’m just wondering if anyone has any insight as to how the Instagram copyright strike system works on the back end so I can try to avoid doing this to someone when it inevitably happens again in the future.

My account was disabled due to copyright infringement. That is the hardest infringement and it seems to be almost impossible to fix it. When you have 3-4 strikes during a period of 10 months, Instagram instantly disable your account, like in youtube. It is so hard for people who are living of instagram, like I was. I understand you did not want your images to be used without licensing in other account, but you could have sent him a message warning that you were going to report it. Now, his account is deleted almost forever. 1 months like a crazy man looking for someone who could get my account back, I would pay thousand of euros, but sadly, Instagram won’t recover my account because the stupid man reported the content I uploaded, content I did not know it has copyright, meme videos, does answer my messages. I would recommend you, if you do not want another person to suffer what I am suffering, (losing a big instagram account which you have worked in) contacting him via email and removing the appeals. Remove all the appeals. If you have to charge him, say him, pay me 500$, but give him the option to make a deal. Instagram can give his account back if you remove the reports.

Really sorry to hear that you’re dealing with that man. There seem to be a few people on here that so they can get what you need done and I hope they can.

Without getting too technical this large business was warned repeatedly to cease use of content outside of the scope of our licensing agreement or pay the increased fee. Finally I was basically told to f off after a week of back and forth. So the accounts gone I guess.

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How can you check how many strikes an account has? Wondering, because before buying and account is there a way to check the account does not already have 3 strikes?

check social folder

How is it going?

What is social folder, is it an external website? And I’m doing great! How about you?

On email social folder

An update - This business decided to file a DMCA counterclaim and because we are both in the united states the only way to answer a false counterclaim is to have my attorney file a federal lawsuit naming them in the complaint…funny how as soon as that happens they try to retract it.

Turns out he had multiple other instances of DMCA take downs with bigger entities (ABC, NBC) in the last few months so my complaint was the final straw. From what the copyright rep at Instagram told me I was the third strike.

Damn, so you had to decide if go to court or let him win the copyright claim? And what if this happen in another country like Spain? What if I make a counter claim

But I think he didn’t need to get all the strikes out to have his account, with 1 or 2 he could get it back

If hes in another country he technically cant counterclaim. He was not though.

And how can I get removed? Do you know if I can have my acc back if I removed 2 of the 3 strikes?

I mean I can get the strikes removed although they are from Spain? Can I appeal it?

Counterclaim it.

hey guys i need some help. My account had exactly what happened to @superj

The crazy thing is I didn’t get any warning at all. We have this one lady who has made it her life mission to try fuk up our business.

We sent an appeal into Instagram and we actually own the trademark as well just in another country.

The crazy thing is what give FB the right to do this to someone. They haven’t even heard my side of the story.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me. Can I try to get her account banned as well as she has done to mine.

Please help and thanks

Make a counterclaim. Show you own the trademark. If you are in the USA and she is in the USA you can sue for damages and attorney fees for a fraudulent DMCA claim.