Instagram Hacked Recovery | $500 Testing | Swapd Partner

I am currently testing Instagram Hacked Recovery services and offering two people the chance to recover their accounts at a very discounted rate. This test will help me enhance the service and provide future clients with a better idea of the turnaround time.

Accepting strong cases only that clearly show evidence of a take over.

Please reach out only if you have and know this information:

1. Know OG email or number (Don’t need access)
2. Know the current username
3. Date of hack
4. Last email linked to account before take over
5. Device type you used to frequently access the account. Example: IPhone

Please also include what happened & how you got hacked.

Screen shots of emails and notifications can help.

1st ticket: $500 Fees included
2nd ticket: $500 + fees
3rd ticket+: To be determined

Please note: Since I am currently in the testing phase, I cannot guarantee specific results or a definite turnaround time. This is why I am offering a significant discount on the first few tickets to account for the uncertainty.

Estimated TAT: 1-3 days business days.
No Pre Payment for first two tickets.


Lets do it can i send over the cases

Sent you an @, lets run it

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Check your dm mate @Worldstar

@Worldstar please send me response mate

Still have a spot ? I have a few cases brother