Instagram Handle & Account Unban Service (Most Reputable on SWAPD)

Hello SWAPD,

Price: $3.5K+

What do I offer?

  • Account Unbans (Everything other than Terms of Service without appeal and copyright)
  • Shadowbans (Follow blocks, like blocks, comment blocks)
  • Username claims (3+ characters, typically non-generic or prices will run higher)

Time Frame

Pre-payment will not be collected as SWAPD policies, payment will be made only after service is rendered! Claims take up to 2 weeks; however, most claims are completed within 5 business days. Unbans and restoration of accounts will take up to 1 week, but in most cases are completed within 48 hours.


I am back offering this service for users who wish to claim a handle for their brand or personal use. Feel free to message me for a quote. I have had a relatively high success rate on site already. According to SWAPD terms, I will do these without pre-payment but depending on the status of your account I may or may not accept your order. I have had a strong track record for successfully completing requests so do not hesitate to drop a message for an inquiry or quote.

Also offering a recovery service for banned accounts not involved in the recent ban wave or the December ban wave. I can do all reasons except copyright and TOS without appeal. I can also do temporary follow and like bans.

Mentorship available, discuss for more details.

The handle MUST be CLEARLY inactive for 3+ years (an account with last post in 2011, for example).

Ready for my service? Message me!


BTW, we can accept pre-payments via BTC only.

Oh gotcha, I will do that then! Thanks for the information.

@Swapd Could you perhaps mark premium from last thread?

If you do a couple successful transactions under this topic, we will consider it. Thank you.

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Sure thing thanks.

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can vouch for @Tsunfire. fast and professional

Thanks for the business. :slight_smile:

@Tsunfire just delivered an account recovery for me in a tough controversial niche that I was previously told was impossible to recover. He’s an easy guy to deal with and gives frequent updates throughout the process. He does what he says he does and thats a great rep to have on this site. I vouch.


Pleasure doing business!

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Please DM me.

PMed, didn’t receive a response!

Completed 2 requests off-site.

can you get disabled facebook account back?

Potentially yes but I doubt it. Completed yet another deal onsite!

Can you recover a hacked Instagram account? I have og email

Someone hacked it from me 2 months ago and for some reason I can’t recover it with Instagram support

Potentially yes! Please send details. Was it swapped or is it on the original account?

Hi i need help with an account recovery please pm details


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