Instagram insane first name

I have owned this username for many years now. I created the account and username. I have used this to upload pictures whilst I’m on holiday and only used it for that purpose. But slowly getting bored of Instagram and decided to list this up for sale. Very common English/American name

The account comes with signup/OG email.

Only accepting bitcoin and only releasing username to ID verified members

Handle begins with the letter R. Saves time and hassle of you asking

Name please?

Handle pls

Bump. Still have this for sale

PM me handle, thx

Will PM those only who are ID verified.

To save myself time and hassle. Won’t respond to pm unless you show proof of funds.

Bin is 10k

You probably wanna get ID Verified yourself, before you start throwing demands around.

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TheHost is a very well known and reputable member of this community. Just letting you know that he is not a nobody

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Might as well save the buyer the time and hassle by getting yourself ID verified as any deal over $250 has to be ID Verified by both members

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The majority of your customers are always going to be in the demographic you don’t know. He could be the Queen, outside of a certain demographic of people, he is a nobody.

No completed transactions.
No social media verification.
No ID Verified.

I’m saying it how I see it. I consider myself decently respected in my industry. However, on SWAPD I’m a nobody and you have no reason to trust me…except the fact that I am ID Verified and have done both a buy and a sell here.

EDIT: reposting this is a reply and not a general comment.


HMU if your interested.

Still have this Instagram. HMU thanks

Bumping thread

Handle please