Instagram Mans Niche / 70%+ US Audience

Country of followers (majority): US
Amount of followers: 85.1k
Topic/Niche: Manstuff
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic Bundle

Description: A well established network in the mans niche. Active and organic.

Insights Page 1

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@SWAPD Premium maybe?

Glanced over them, fine. Will do premium. They better pass audit :stuck_out_tongue:

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1000 follows a day? Where do you see that…

Is it day or week now? Make up your eyes

Sorry im doing 4 things at once ill leave comment soon

Drop them all, this is important!

OK here it goes:
I believe that this offer shouln’t be marked as PREMIUM and here is why:
Page 1: Grows 300 a day, has 3% egr and 70% US, very low profile visits, 8200 in a week not entirely premium

Page 2: No growth, 3.5% egr at 20k!, 72% US which is great but thats only good thing about this account, also low profile visits

Page 3 is a mix between 1 and 2

What i see is that the only factor to make page premium is for it to have high US % even if the page was dead. What about profile visits? They show pure activity. What about engagement :frowning:

First page is very c00l but i would not call it premium
Second and third nowhere close to prem


Swapd should hire you for your expertise

Page you tagged has now 908k followers from when 912k you listed.

  1. I’m the guy that bidded $10k for jt and retrieved my offer because it was unpublished for a while due to fake “$350 survey spams” to generate income.

  2. The page you tagged has 1.5% ER. (13k likes average)

  3. I don’t like cross-promotion of other topics on my own listing, please delete it as you deleted your first 2 comments after you realized you were in the wrong.

  4. These pages are Premium because of heavy US audience, og-email and healthy engagement.

Thanks for the bumps on my listing bud.
Stay safe.

Deleted you make good point on cross promo.
But your pages aint premium bro. Two of them kinda dead and one gets no real fans

95% of the Premium tags I’ve seen have been granted on the basis of premium demographic, not on the fact that the page was super active.


It’s a good bundle I’m proud of. Instagram IS the second Facebook and reach issues are getting worst and worst, it’s not my fault you’re expecting TikTok level engagement.

? My 100k gets 20-50k likes constantly im not sure what are you talking about

We need premium premium

You should create a service on swapd regarding Instagram management.

I’m serious, in case you put that mouth into actions, of course.

Im gonna stop talking here as you are clearly tossing salt at me. Have good day and hope tou sell these pages for bin!

And the expert disappears.

I don’t wanna argue with you. You clearly just want to insult me. Gday to you

I insult non-sense. Don’t comment what you cannot back up. Have a nice day, stay safe.