Instagram Purge

Over the last 12 hours Instagram did a followers purge and a lot of accounts have lost a massive amount of followers.

Ariana Grande lost well over 3m followers.
James Charles 500k

and literally every account was effected.

I lost a total of 10k on all of my accounts

What about you?


Moving this to Public Blog for now, worthy of a longer discussion.

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I lost 3k on all my accounts… Yes the purge is true :roll_eyes: mark started to bang instagram.

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Means more audits will do better now. It’s a good thing.


Some of the celebs accounts which got up through panel followers are still holding… :confused:

I appreciate this as well as long as the real followers are not affected and as long accounts don´t get deleted


Real followers are getting down not bots

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I’m seeing it … My eyes… My friend who runs a panel gave around 400k followers to a celeb and still it is holding…

it says nothing…

Anyways, if these are fake followers that are being deleted it’s a great thing.

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A question though, doesn’t it supposed to show that the page is losing followers? should’ve been “-” instead of “+”
( This page lost 4k )

Crazy some celebs lost millions of followers lol.


maybe they are not so “celeb” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My page doesn’t seem to have lost any just yet. Maybe it’s in batches?

This is the data from 30 jan to feb 5. so it might be possible that, overall the account gained followers

My each pages lost 5 K followers.

Well, it’s good if it’s inactive followers. Did anyone see the Twitter purge today? Some people I know had multiple accounts removed…

Mabye Mark and Jack held hands and pushed the button to delete accounts and followers together.

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I think it’s a glitch not a purge

I lost 0 followers

Last week my count went down by 1K
Then re gained it

Where has Instagram announced this was a following purge? I appear to have missed this and my 500K account lost nothing. I have also seen people saying they can see an accounts original following, whilst another person can see the accounts with it’s lost following… this has all the signs of a glitch.

Until Instagram announces otherwise.