Instagram Purge


Thought so.


It looks like a bug. I run some accounts, some of them lost 1-2k followers and some nothing, that’s logically weird.


I love these, there are so many accounts with a lot of fake followers or botted ones, even some botted ones end up on my accounts from hashtag follows etc. And it cleans them right out

Through all of my accounts I lost 1.2k out of a few hundred thousand



Lost 10k :v:


Some people have the balls to ask us for a refund because “the Instagram they purchased lost 10% overnight!” Doesn’t help that we show them that it’s not our fault, and literally 1/2 of IG users lost followers.


What’d u mean it’s not your responsibility?? GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. WOW U RUDE

anyway, it was a bug and my followers went back to normal


WOW Yair just tried to scam someone offsite. Proof (chat log):

UserDude: Yeah let’s start a checkout ticket.
Yair1238: Naah brah, look at my profile. Im truzted lolz, no worries. Save some money bro don’t worry you will go first for safety. E M A I L me bigone69@gm a

Banning yair, kthnxbai.


All my lost followers are back… its a bug


lost around 2k on 555k page and I’m still loosing. it did impact alot as my engagement gone to -2% by yesterday, not getting enough views on posts


I had lost 30k from a single account. However,its back. Don’t worry on the engagements, it will be back to normal in few days :slight_smile:


All the followers are back. It sure was a glitch not a purge.


Same for me, they’re back.


Mine are still not back, the worse part is my posts are not getting enough impression as used to :confused:


Others are reporting this too, so it’s not just you.


Yes, on 1 account in particular post reach was going up for close to a week. It was a small account with 2000 followers. Getting on featured page daily. Went from 16k reach to 40k reach… then after this glitch it went to maybe 100 reach. No loss in followers on any of our pages. Just reach.


I‘m experiencing similar problems with reach with my accounts


I lost 10k followers on one account and now they are back again. Just a bug as it seems.


Lost 60k overnight. Very sad but what can you do


Hows the reach ?