Instagram rare handle

Country of followers (majority): Brasil
Topic/Niche: Yoga
Promotion methods used: 100% organic, never did a follow or unfollow

Why is it unique?: Instagram handle associated with a famous Brazilian youtuber in the Yoga field with more than 1 million subscribers.

Price: 5000 usd or best offer


A famous Youtuber in the Yoga community decided to change her instagram @Handle1 to a newer one and discarded the old one. I legaly registered it in my name as it was publicly available. Since then, it is constantly getting new followers, story mentions and PMs from followers coming from her actual youtube. The instagram @Handle1 I’m selling is refered in many videos that already have more then 20 million views on YouTube and these numbers just keep on rising. She will not delete those videos for obvious reasons so the account i’m selling will keep on rising organically for years to come. If you want to build a business in the Yoga field, you have a good starting point here, but please don’t use it with illegal intentions.

I will sell it instantly for 5000 usd but im accepting new offers.

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