Instagram Real Engagement Service Cheapest On The Site

Service type:Instagram Engagement Service
Price: $80 per month


No matter how many times Instagram changed their algorithm but this thing that I’ll tell you Will remain the same. So read carefully now. Whenever You post something on Instagram it first shows your content to Your audience (i.e. Your followers) and Then to Your hashtag’s audience or Explore page audience which means If your content gets some engagement from your Home feed only then it can show up to more people. And strange thing is Instagram only shows your content to 10% of your audience and in that audience if you got very low engagement then there is very low chance of going your post viral. So to blow up on Instagram you first need a loyal audience base which can engage with your every posts.

We are a social media agency. But we are not like the agencies that are running nowadays that will charge high amount from you and then will give you very small results. So what we have is we own 100 Instagram accounts that we run manually. Now you’ll think how can it help you? So what we’ll do is we will follow You from all our 100 Instagram accounts and will engage with your content through these accounts so that you’ll pass the criteria of gaining engagement from your followers and then you can be able to gain reach from hashtags or from explore page. And we provide monthly subscriptions of your accounts. And It’s basic plan starts from $80 where we will engage with 1 post daily.

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Do these accounts have realistic follower/following ratios?
Are they Generic names that are obviously “fake”?
US based?

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Are these accounts real or fake?

Accounts are in motivational/business niche. And I’m managing the account manually by myself so the accounts are all organic and the work will be done manually which is also real