➤ Instagram username claim, verifications & unbans! (Direct Rep) - Quick TAT & No Pre-payment!

Checking rn :slight_smile:

Another verification done within 5 minutes :eyes:

Onsite clients, right?

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Yes. Waiting on a payment for the verification rn :eyes:

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Can you still do this?

Yes :ok_hand:t2:

Check chat

Does your verification process hold the same standards for press criteria as regular media panel submission standards?

depends on the case

This seller was a time waster for me and communicated poorly. His unreliability damaged my relationship with an important client.

He gave me a 90% success rate for an IG username claim and a TAT of 7-10 days. Now we are at day 16 and he has delivered nothing. During that time he barely replied to my messages and always promised an update later but never sent one.

I feel like he is just making big promises but can’t deliver when it comes to username claims.

He wanted to open a ticket at the beginning but never did so I can only write a review here. Of course, this is just my personal experience with him, it might be different for other people and other cases.

Ah I see, you seem to forget I paid $1000 for unbans and offered to give you $ for the waiting. Next time don’t act like you’re the only client someone has to deal with :blush:

If you don’t have the time to communicate with me and deliver on what you promised, don’t make a deal with me in the beginning. Nobody forced you to work with me.

And you shouldn’t pay people for unbans that they are not able to complete on time, this is not my fault. I also don’t care about a few dollars but value my client relationships more and need reliable service providers. You are not one of them.

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I gave you a 90% succes rate sorry it didn’t work out. I updated you regularly. Goodluck with your other projects…

This is the first time that you are saying that you couldn’t deliver. In your private messages you were just putting me off all the time and promised an update “today or tomorrow” but never sent one. Bad communication as I said.

I never failed, I decided to stop working on the case since you were acting like the only person on this planet. I seriously cba to work with people with such a mentality…

As I said before: Don’t take on clients and make promises to them if you can’t keep them. It’s that simple.

Enough on this, let’s focus on other stuff :v:

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:thinking: hmmm

Profile name change ?