Instagram Usernames Service & Recovery



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Thanks for the info


How is it possible that you get the original email password and account as well? That is someone’s personal property isn’t it?


The handle is swapped to a fresh account which is my personal property.


Alright I understand. thanks :slight_smile:


Had a few interested users but I’m working on clearing my queue some unforeseen delays. Discovered a new way of doing things. Should be a lot more efficient next week


Resetting my queue. Any interested clients contact me again. Should have everything back in business tomorrow


Back in business


Taking a few more requests. Also offering mentor ship for one qualified user.


What’d do you mean by mentorship?




Serious injuries only, had people interested in mentorship but didn’t have funds.


Very interested in this service. Can you please message me any additional information you can? I have an inactive handle that I really would like. Thank you!


Sure just message me the handle you want and I’ll quote you and we can work from there.


So many time wasters


Some handles were unclaimable so I will remove them from queue


Taking requests right now and 1 mentorship spot.


would love to discuss further


I’m still on the look out for who will claim the handle I discussed with you in PM some days ago. I could have done the deal with you but not guaranteeing successful swapping didn’t allow you take it. I don’t even know if the handle is claimable for you.

Other people I got in touch with doing same service with you, say it is unclaimable.


Send handle again. Again, I don’t swap