Instagram verification - Verification for people with existing PR or PR packages for Verification for people without PR

Get Badged Agency is offering IG verification submissions for notable people with existing PR:

Instagram Verification – TAT 2 weeks

  • Individual - $5500 - Plus SWAPD Fees

We also offer PR packages for people without any existing PR to proceed with the IG verification submission afterwards. We deliver PR in the biggest international pubs.

PR packages

Starting from $18,000 - PLUS Swapd Fees
Turnaround Time: 10-12 days


  • Photo is required
  • Post here or DM us for any additional questions

Is this for brand and company or for entrepreneur

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Curious why you are laughing? What’s funny is how everyone thinks verification happens so easily. There are fundamental changes going on right now and I hate to break it to everyone, IG Verification is not easy, people here don’t have the ‘hook ups’ that everyone thinks. Reps aren’t pushing things through because best they can do is get the app to the office. To get verified you have to have major press unless you are a musician, etc. Brands, Entrepreneurs, etc…Instagram is on to you.


She is laughing because your prices are too high pls reply your Dm