Instant Articles Lost Access

Hello guys i have lost access to my instant but when i appeal they send same email… but i dont know where is the problem.

This is the reply:
Thanks for submitting an appeal. After taking a look, we’ve confirmed that your Page isn’t eligible for monetization at this time because at least one of your Instant Articles website domains has missing or incomplete sections.

In order for your Page to become eligible for monetization, make sure your Instant Articles domains correctly load. Learn more about our policies for Instant Articles:

Once you’ve addressed this issue, you can submit another appeal in 7 days.

Visit the Help Center to review our Monetization Eligibility Standards:

Learn more about our guidelines for monetizing content:


Any suggestions? Domain/web load correctly i got about 40-50k visits daily… and content is also unique not copy/paste.

@Wizat could be able to help here.