Instant articles new signup, disabled for some countries

It’s been a few weeks since FB started restrictions on facebook Instant Articles.

Last week, afaik they disabled to sign up and activate Instant Articles for new pages.

This is what shows up now. Has anyone got any workaround for this, or had any instant restricted since the page doesnt meet monetization ToS.

The thing is that the only page that got restricted is one of which I haven’t used for a few months. So neither any post was sent through feed on IA production.

Last week I have approved 5 pages among there 4 of them are news pages. so I dont think so they have any problem regarding news pages.

I have got ban on several pages meanwhile… but You have check all clickbait, sensational healine and remove those before appeal… in future dont use any clickbait headline … hope it would solve your problem

Were these old pages? Where do you live?(if thats not a problem asking)

Could you try creating a new page right now and check whether you’re able to sign it up for IA.

It is hard to delete thousands of articles fr, and the page who has been restricted was at least that had clickbait maybe none was a clickbait. Taking in that the language was not in English, I doubt FB actually restricted this based on clickbait titles.

According to their tos
’Creators and publishers must have an authentic, established presence on Facebook. To be eligible for all monetization features, this means having an established presence for at least one month. To access our Ad Break product, this also includes maintaining a sufficient follower base, indicated by your Facebook friends or followers.’

So I think your page should atleast one month old

To delete clickbait articles you have to concern on last 3 months. No need to go further… but if the restrict happen for second time … there is no chance to remove it.

I have a lot of pages which are old enough to be accepted. Like 3-4 years old pages with over 100k likes. However, even those do not show up.

But for the pages where I had admins from USA, they were shown in the list and I could activate them 2 days ago.

As per this 3 months old posts to be deleted, I’ll give it a shot, even though I highly doubt this is the reason this page got restricted.

Thanks for your reply bud.