Instant TAT Twitter Username Claims ( ANY @ )

Hey Swapd,

After testing a few reqs offsite the last few days i’m now offering this service onsite.

Instant twitter/X username claims, any @, onto any placeholder or account instant TAT.

I’ve tested this with 2L @‘s which literally are not swap-able without a high up employee, this is a very unique and one of a kind service which comes at a price so if you have the budget PM.

$20k+ for these requests ( May be able to budge a bit if it’s a non generic handle )

Completed 5 tickets onsite already.



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That was some top-notch service. GLWS!


Sent a DM, @jacobj


Have done 6 figures in tickets onsite today alone for this service. PM let’s close some more deals🔥

Vouch did multiple smooth quick deals.

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Still doing these! Done 5+ tickets onsite so far and many cases offsite, this is a one of a kind service nobody else can do these reqs this fast.

Sent DM