Invisible Hacker on FB Page

My friend approached me with a FB page and said that something’s wrong with it. He added me as an editor and it seems like he hasn’t posted anything for like a month and a half but is still getting thousands of unlikes.

I checked the Activity Log of the page and it seems like someone is sharing disgusting videos and clickbait on the niche specific page and it’s all hidden from the timeline… The most important thing is that where it should should ‘posted by xyz 2 hours ago’ it’s blank. It doesn’t show any name and there’s no one else on the page… I thought he removed him so I deleted all the posts but now when they guy himself is asleep right now, someone again shared 2 videos from the same page at different times and we still cannot see who did it. Got another 100 unlikes today after that post… The page which used to be so active is turned into nothing now… Can someone please offer some insight? What’s going on?

First, own the page with a business manager.
This will protect you from the page being stolen, if you cant own it with a business manager, then someone else is owning it and thats why you see this problems.

Second, tell all your admins that are on this page, to go to their settings and check all the apps they allowed to have access on their Facebook profile, remove all of them…

Thurs check your page Instagram link section, if there is any Instagram account linked to your page…