JitBit (helpdesk) source code (Enterprise Edition, 5000 USD value) - Selling my license for 2000 USD (Sell it for me and earn 500 USD)

Selling my personal license of JitBit HelpDesk software (Enterprise edition): https://www.jitbit.com/helpdesk/purchase/

I purchased this on July 27th this year for a project which took a different direction, so I no longer need this software. The Enterprise Edition gives you full control over the source code (you can edit anyway you like) and free upgrades for a year (6 months left). After that, it’s 1499 USD per year to maintain the upgrades (not required)

What is JitBit?
JitBit is a zendesk like helpdesk software, but it has no limits on the amount of users/agents so it can save you thousands of dollars per month (compared to the big guys like zendesk/freshdesk/desk.com)

What technology is behind JitBit?

Jitbit Helpdesk is an ASP.NET MVC application written in C#, the database engine being used is MS SQL Server. So you’ll need a Windows Server 2003 or later and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later to run it (free “Express” editions are totally fine). You will also need a copy of Visual Studio 2013 or later (free editions are fine) to be able to work with the source codes since the help desk “sources” license ship as a VS 2010 solution.

JitBit works with everything!

You can integrate this software with many popular CRMs and various plugins.

Not interested? Find me a buyer and receive a 10% cut. I will pay you 200 USD if you find a buyer for this license.

I figured this would be a tough sell, so I am upping my commission to 25%. If you have accounts on popular marketing or webmaster forums, ask around and we will split the sale. So, a 500 USD cut if you find a willing seller for 2000 USD.

I already tried places like reddit but no luck.

Dropping my price to 1000 USD (direct sale).