Link post disappearing from Fanpages a few seconds after being posted. What gives?


it happened to me same , i was tring to repost links on my pages . then they show in clickbait link


My page is not listed when i open that appeal form.


That means it’s not banned, so if you’re having link problems, it’s something else.


maybe it is update


Same probleme here. Started today


So it’s confirmed! Something is up again.


According several local sources I read this seems to be a general bug, many pages are effected


I’m sure was a Bug… because i got the same problem before 3 days…
And now working. i can post… don’t worry guys… Its not nothing Risky…


Hey everyone,

It happens to all of my clients as well, and they reported about it to me. I talked to someone I know and he reached out to Facebook, They said that it’s a bug and they are working on fixing it.

I would be surprised if it won’t be fixed in the next few hours.


I can comfirm that this bug is now fixed.

I also got information from other friends that everything is working now.


Looks to be working fine now.