Link post disappearing from Fanpages a few seconds after being posted. What gives?

One of our clients called us today and said that his link post are being wiped as soon as he posts them (or should I say after a minute of posting). This is a first for me, so I was hoping that someone who has seen this behavior could shed some light on this situation. Image/Video posts stay up just fine, but links are gone after a minute.

Could this be related to this? Page Publishing Authorizations - If you own large Fanpages with a US fanbase, you might be screwed!

What happens when you don’t verify your account?

It happened to me a couple of times. It’s usually because the article contains some keywords such as “drugs,” “heroin,” “blood,” or something along those lines.

Let him try posting something “normal” and see if it happens again.

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So the content of articles get scanned? Or just the title?

Thanks For Putting Post

If I publish IA on my any page it gets deleted within a minute.

I have tried this using different domains. Even We tried of others link too which are already on Fb.

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This is something new, another one of our users just messaged me with the same problem.

I just checked this on my pages, the same thing is happening to me at the moment.

Any updates on this?

I post “normal” content and it still won’t show up if I don’t share the link as “via” other page. Meaning I include the shared post from the other page.

So we have confirmation #3. Wonder if a bug or something else? Will have to research this.

Be ready for new Pages update!

no there is no update . still same problem with all my pages

Did you manage to get the links published? When I manage to do so, they don’t get any organic reach, zero,

yes its same problem here

So maybe this is a new version of zero link reach? It looks like you guys got canned.

yes it is i can see my all pages in clickbait .


Wow, didn’t even know such a form existed. This will be useful for others, I will start a new topic.

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Seems like it, they’re trying to kill non-premium publishers and outbound links, it will be all video soon.

We will now use that link to verify pages before being sold :smiley: :smiley:

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Same problem here, started like an hour ago. I was logged into FB when suddenly got logged out, tried to login again and got a message that I got blocked and had to change my password. After I did, checked some of our pages and noticed that new posts get posted but are ghosted/deleted immediately. Tried to post different domains but all the same. Images are fine. Our pages are not listed on the appeal page. So now I’m curious what caused this and how long will it take.

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Same as rush. Tho i didn’t get logged out before. It just started ghosting/deleting the new posts. And one post that was posted after midnight got deleted as well not the ones before.

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yes , If You Repeat posting on pages after few time it will show to u That link

What link?